Wine Tours In Stellenbosch With Your Own Personal Wine Guide

Stellenbosch is a university town that is surrounded by the iconic Cape Winelands. Wine tours in Stellenbosch will offer you the opportunity to experience exceptional wine tastings at world class wine estates. Along with historic oak trees, winding back roads,and art galleries there is so much to do and see in Stellenbosch.

You can expect to find the most exquisite wine farms while doing wine tours in Stellenbosch. Book your wine tour with Explore Sideways and visit some of the most unique and well known international wine estates while uncovering everything this region has to offer.

For any wine lover visiting South Africa, we recommend that you include both well-known wine estates as well as some of the smaller farms to be able to soak up as much of the Cape wine culture as possible.

Explore Sideways gives an exclusive full day Stellenbosch wine tour where you can discover the Stellenbosch wine region together with your own private wine guide. In addition, they offer you a wide selection of other private tours. They are the leaders in curating Food & Wine tours in Stellenbosch as well as the rest of Cape Town. Experience enriching and extraordinary full or half day tours, as qualified specialists introduce you to the secret spots only locals know about. Each tour is created to suit individual tastes and needs. You can be sure to gain exclusive access to the most inspiring people and enchanting places in and around the Cape. You also have an option to customise your own tour for a one of a kind encounter.

Explore Sideways also provides pick-up and drop-off services at your accommodation in and around Cape Town.

Check out site here and you will discover the hidden gems of Cape Town with your very own specialist guide by booking your wine tours in Stellenbosch with Explore Sideways.


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Tips to Handle morning sickness

Tips to Handle Morning Sickness

You are finally pregnant but something is damping your joy – morning sickness and how to deal with it. It affects more women than you think especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy and it can be quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to control it or at the very least minimize it. Try these tips:

• Eat what you feel like eating

There are so many foods that are traditionally thought of as not good for morning sickness. The thing is though that these foods differ from one pregnant woman to another. Don’t force yourself to eat something that you cannot stomach – it will make your morning sickness worse.

• Your prenatal vitamins may be the problem

Because they are high in iron vitamins tend to make pregnant women nauseated. If you feel this way you don’t have to take them. You can ask your doctor to prescribe you vitamin pills that do not contain iron, or you can stick to folic acid unless the doctor says that the vitamins are absolutely necessary.

• Remove yourself from nauseating situations

There are certain smells that you will be more sensitive to. It could be the smell of a perfume, sweat – anything really. Unless you absolutely have to you should get away from such smells. If you don’t like the way a colleague smells ask to be moved to a different location.

• Try alternative therapies

These include mindfulness sessions and meditation. Research has shown that women who try these therapies along with Vitamin B6 do feel better than those who do not.

• Get enough rest

When you are not well rested even a little nausea can feel like a lot so make a point to sleep well especially in the early months of pregnancy.

Morning sickness

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Do Branded Gifts Improve Brand Loyalty?

It has long been the practice for businesses to give away gifts branded with their logo at events or even at their headquarters, but the question remains: what effect does it have? If you concentrate on ensuring your give-aways are quality items that reflect your brand, then you will find that people remember your brand name. Once they remember your name, you are part of the way to enhancing your brand image and encouraging loyalty like personalised notepads South Africa.

Where can you find the best range of quality branded gifts in South Africa and card wallet metal? Check out Brandability, a leading name in the field with thousands of quality, interesting products on offer, all at excellent prices. You can even take advantage of a free artwork service and they will deliver free on orders of greater than a certain amount, so check out Brandability now for the very best in value for money on promotional merchandise and gifts.


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Netgen Can Help with Expert Software Development

The impact of computers on business cannot be understated; even the smallest of companies uses a variety of software packages, and day to day life is impossible without them. For growing companies, the benefits of bespoke software packages are many; you get a solution that can be adapted to your needs, and you may be surprised how affordable it can be.

If you talk to the expert team at Netgen, a software company servicing all types and sizes of companies in South Africa, you will also find an android app developer and a range of options that will be of interest. They have already designed software packages for many businesses, and these may be adaptable to yours, thus saving you money on development costs. Have a look at the Netgen website now for details of their full range of services and solutions, or talk to one of the team and see how they can help.

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Quality Affordable Commercial Vehicles

Are you in the market for a new van or truck? If so, you will likely have looked at the many European and Japanese brands. However, we would like to invite you to check out something different: JMC SA is the South African arm of the major Chinese manufacturer JMC, and they offer a range of impressive, well-built and superbly engineered vehicles at what can only be described as very impressive prices.

The Chinese motor industry is the fastest-growing in the world right now, and has attracted much interest. JMC SA has a full dealer and maintenance network, and the range is as comprehensive as any, and at these prices you will not find equivalent quality elsewhere. Have a look at the JMC 4×4 for sale– they even offer a very neat SUV – and get in touch with your local JMC dealer who will be only too happy to help.

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Africa Holiday Packages

Africa has all safaris that suit every traveller. The holiday packages ranges from little bucket list adventurers to affordable and luxurious tours from Africa 4 US

The Holidays In South Africa

This beautiful African country offers breathtaking wildlife and glorious sunshine accompanied by great delicious food and wine. The variety offered in South Africa is second to none all over the continent. For wildlife and safari, you can see the big five at the Kruger National Park and the great white shark at the Hermanus.

A luxury trip on the blue train to Cape Town from Pretoria also marks this great Africa holiday package.

Holiday Packages In Kenya

It’s basically the cradle of humanity and you do not want to dismiss a chance of proving that.

You can choose to have holidays and safaris in Mara Lodges and watch cheetah, lion, leopard, rhino and elephants as they share the plains with zebra and wildebeest, or have your holidays among the narrow winding streets in the coastal city of Mombasa. Experience the heavy air with scent of spices as you enjoy your Africa holiday packages.

Tanzania- Africa Holiday Packages

This is where you will enjoy your holiday by experiencing Africa’s true unexplored and wild part. Have you beautiful holidays on the beach of Zanzibar at exclusive hotels like Park Hyatt Zanzibar and The Residence Bar among many others.

Holidays In Botswana

This is the home to the Okavango Delta where you can spot almost all wild animals making their way across the country’s game reserves.

There are best hotels here for your holiday. Hotels like Chobe Game Lodge in Maun will offer al you need for an African holiday package.

Africa Holiday Packages In Zambia and Namibia Adventure

Zambia has some beautiful holiday and tour opportunities that you can consider for an African holiday vacationpackage like the Victoria Falls.

Make your decision today and visit this Africa’s top holiday destination want more about Namibia

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Last-Minute Holiday Travel Deals

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